Magic and Illusions with Flair all over Ireland!

Nemo the Illusionist


Unique Entertainment for Your Wedding or Civil Ceremony

Do you want to organise some special entertainment on your Wedding Day – something that will not just fill the gaps but will relax your guests and get them mingling happily?

Nemo the Illusionist, Entertainer Extraordinaire will happily oblige!

The best time for Nemo's performance is during the reception drinks when certain people have to get their photos taken. It's the perfect ice-breaker. Nemo will amaze while you're away! He’ll warm up all those guests who need a bit of warming up, while making the other ones feel almost as happy as you are.

Nemo’s performance is perfect for ‘marrying’ your various guests, so that they’re joined together in one happy audience. The illusions will happen in their hands, under their very eyes ! Shared laughter and shared wonder break the ice, lift people’s spirits and bring them together in happy conviviality.

Time will fly!

Nemo will perform, but you will be the stars …

Nemo knows, of course, that he will be in serious danger if he takes over and becomes the main star of your wedding. That should, of course, be the bridegroom, while the other star shines radiantly beside him – or should that be the other way round?
Anyway, in generating an atmosphere of excitement and good humour, he will take care to keep the focus on the two wedding stars.

If you invite Nemo to entertain your guests on your special day, he will see it as a great honour and will do all he can to be flexible and accommodating. Brides and, sometimes, even bridegrooms have their own ideas about how their wedding should go, so just get in touch and tell him how you’d like him to add some extra magic to your special day. And, since you need to know who you are trusting to entertain you and your guests, he will be glad to meet you well in advance.

To get in touch with Nemo, please go to the Contact page and he’ll get back to you in no time at all.


"Nemo performed for us on our wedding day, in September 2013. He was amazing while we were getting photos taken. He mingled among our guests from 5 years old to 95 years old. With his charm and magic he set a fantastic atmosphere that swept through the whole venue. Had all the guests of the hotel talking and enjoying themselves. My daughter still thinks she can make a little red sponge tomato multiply in her hand with her mind ! Thanks again, Nemo"

Inga & Gerard Hall, Westport Woods Hotel, Wesport, Co Mayo

"Nemo was at the wedding party we attended at Ashford Castle. He really entertained everyone, adults and kids in an amazing way!
We highly recommend him for your party too."

Kees de Jong, Ashford Castle, Co Mayo

Various Hotels where Nemo has performed:

Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo
Waterford Castle, Co. Waterford
Glenlo Abbey Hotel, Co. Galway
Markree Castle, Co. Sligo
Westport Woods, Co. Mayo
Castle Dargan, Co. Sligo
Cromleach Lodge, Co. Sligo
Harvey's Point, Co. Donegal
Clayton Hotel, Co. Galway
Slieve Russell, Co. Cavan
Ostan Gweedore, Co. Donegal