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Nemo the Illusionist


Medieval Magic Show

Nemo also performs his Medieval Magic Shows, which he was inspired to create in France after working for Disney’s 'Hunchback' film premiere at Parisian cinema Le Grand Rex.

Medieval Magic ShowThe Stage Show:

Nemo begins by welcoming the spectators into his magic workshop. As his apprentices are away, he invites the audience to take their place. He then tells them a thrilling tale of mystery, wonder, suspense and even love, with touches of humour and lots of magic!

The audience are immediately drawn into Nemo’s medieval world through his storytelling and magic illusions, his amazing versatility and perfect timing.
A sorcerer, a Queen’s Banquet, the Great Inquisitor, dungeons, time travel and magic spells …

The Medieval Walkabout Close-up:

The medieval context perfectly suits this kind of magic. Mixing close-up illusions and storytelling, Nemo has developed his own trend of what French illusionists call 'Bizarre Magic'. Nothing weird, but a highly entertaining form of magic. It is a unique opportunity for the spectators to enjoy Nemo's medieval illusions right under their very eyes and sometimes in their own hands!

Magic power of storytelling and music

The combination of Nemo’s powerfully evocative performance and the emotional resonance of his music keeps the audience enthralled from beginning to end. The show is a unique experience for all the family and, indeed, any audience.

Nemo recently performed his Medieval Magic Show at the Early Music Festival in Galway. For this special occasion, Maura Ó Cróinín and the Galway Early Music Group performed the music for the show live and in dazzling medieval costume – making it a truly magical event!

If you want Nemo to put on his Medieval Magic Show for you, he’ll cast a spell so that your demands are attended to instantly. But first you’ll have to go to his Contact page.

Some previous clients:

Disneyland Paris
Galway Early Music Festival
Cairde Festival, Sligo
Donegal Castle, Donegal (Heritage Sundays)
Athenry Castle, Galway (Heritage Sundays)