Magic and Illusions with Flair all over Ireland!

Nemo the Illusionist


Nemo's Friends

Over the years, Nemo has been lucky to meet or simply enjoy the great talent of others. It seemed only fair to share them with you! In fewer words, if you click on each of those links, you'll simply end up with the perfect wedding !

The CurlyBobs

The CurlyBobs deliver the perfect blend of your favourite music,
incorporating professional musicianship and stage presence
into a dynamic and engaging performance.
There are so many wedding bands around... why do you think we recommend this one?
Because they are awesome!
Take our word for it!

DJ Scruffy Duffy

Scruffy is without doubt one of the most experienced and professional DJs in Ireland.
From his highly successful karaoke shows in the Canary and the Channel Islands, he has established himself as one of the most influential and respected entertainers in his profession.
Incidentally, he is also an absolute gentleman!

Steve Rogers - Photographer

You know, when they say that a picture says more
than a long speech?
That couldn't be more true for Steve's work!
With his camera, Steve has the ability to capture not only the memorable moments of your Special Day,
but also the rarer instants that you may have missed
and that you will be thrilled to discover on his photos.
He is a true and generous artist.

Balloon Decorations - Loopy Lou

This artist is simply incredible! We have worked together for years in countless events.
We could describe her work for hours, her creativity, her efficiency, her kindness, her professionalism,
but honestly, the best you could do is see it for yourselves!
Please believe it when we say she is the best in the country.

Forget Me Not - Florist

Forget-Me-Not Florist has over thirty years experience in arranging wedding, fresh cut and silk flowers in Sligo.
Their florists have a wealth of experience in arranging bridal flowers.
They provide a unique service to each bride and groom choosing their flowers.
They are a delight to deal with and will amaze you and your guests!